Councillors Details

The Town Council consists of 18 Councillors who represent 8 wards. Each year the Council elects from their number a Town Mayor. Click here to find your local Councillor

The Council conducts its business through 3 standing Committees and Personnel Sub-Committee which deals with staffing and employment issues.

Finance and General Purposes
Community Services

The Planning Committee meets every two weeks. Other Committees and Full Council meet bi-monthly with all meetings starting at 7 p.m. See the diary of meetings for more information.

To view Councillors attendance at meetings for 2013-14 click here, for attendance at meetings for 2012-13 click here.

The Council fulfils a positive role at the heart of the community and is represented by individual members.

Folkestone Town Councillors

2013/2014 CIVIC YEAR

Town Mayor: Councillor Roger West

Deputy Mayor:  Councillor Alan North

Planning Committee Membership:

Cllrs Emily Arnold, John Collier, Brian Copping, Anthony Dunning, Alan North, Richard Theobald, Richard Wallace, Lee Walker and Pat West.

Finance and General Purposes Committee Membership:

Cllrs George Bunting, John Collier, Paul Marsh, Alan North, Martin Salmon, Richard Theobald, Lee Walker, Richard Wallace and Rodica Wheeler. 

Community Services Committee Membership:

Cllrs Emily Arnold, Lynne Beaumont, Ann Berry, Anthony Dunning, Peter Gane, Paul Marsh, Sue Wallace, Pat West and Roger West.

SDC/FTC Partnership Working Group: Town Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chairman of Community Services, Chairman of Finance and General Purposes and Chairman of Planning.  (Parent Committee = Finance & General Purposes)

Allotments Working Group: Cllrs Lynne Beaumont, Ann Berry, John Collier, Richard Wallace, Sue Wallace, (Parent Committee = Community Services)

Armed Forces Working Group: Cllrs Brian Copping and Roger West (Parent Committee = Community Services)

Newsletter Working Group: Cllrs Anthony Dunning, Peter Gane, Paul Marsh, Lee Walker and Sue Wallace  (Parent Committee = Community Services)

Armed Forces Day Working Group: Cllrs Ann Berry, Brian Copping, Sue Wallace, Roger West and Richard Theobald (Parent Committee = Community Services)